Thursday, June 8, 2017

Authority of the Pontifical Biblical Commission

On 18 November 1907, Pope Pius X, issued his motu proprio Praestantia Scripturae, (ASS [1907] 724ff; EB nn. 278f; Dz 2113f), By this act, the Pope established the Pontifical Biblical Commission (PBC). From its inception, the PBC issued judgements that carried the weight of the Pope's own Magisterial authority.
“We now declare and expressly enjoin that all Without exception are bound by an obligation of conscience to submit to the decisions of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, whether already issued or to be issued hereafter, exactly as to the decrees of the Sacred Congregations which are on matters of doctrine and approved by the Pope; nor can anyone who by word or writing attacks the said decrees avoid the note both of disobedience and of rashness or be therefore without grave fault.”
The PBC continued to issue decrees that carried Magisterial authority until the commission was totally reorganized June 27, 1971. On that day, Paul VI completely restructured the Pontifical Biblical Commission with the motu proprio Sedula Cura, so that it was no longer an organ of the Magisterium.

The Magisterially binding decisions issued by the PBC from 1907 to 1971 are listed below.

ASS: Acta Sedis Sanctae; 
AAS: Acta Apostolicae Sedis; 
EB: Enchiridion Biblicum; 
Dz: Denzinger

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